Have Some Value and Fragile Items to Move?

What Are Mover Pallet Boxes?

Pallet boxes are specially manufactured to fit on a pallet jack, these are manually operated, wheeled platforms which lift and move palletized loads. Companies use these to store and transport numerous kinds of cargo, ranging from  household goods to industrial items. When they reach their destination, workers will use a pallet jack to lift and stack them onto trucks. Different size boxes are available for buy, or they can be constructed to fit a clients specific requirements.

Both customised and standard pallets are available in different materials. These can range from  plastic, metal, cardboard, wood and fibreboard. The sides and floors can be solid, slatted or wire meshed, or if needed a combination of both. Collapsible or rigid one are also available new or second hand from  numerous retailers and manufacturers. They can be either square or rectangular shaped, which will help them to be more effectively stored in a shipping container or a mover truck.

Depending upon their usage, these boxes can open or close. Open boxes are normally shrink-wrapped before they are transported. Binding stacks together using this method will increase their stability, as they are loaded and unloaded off the pallet jack.

The kind chosen will depend greatly upon their contents. Some products, call for transport and storage boxes to be made from  heavy duty metal or plastic. Delicate or fragile items, even though they are encased in layers of protective packing, will also require extra security, so crushing or compression is not done. Items like clothing or lightweight products can be successfully shipped inside basic cardboard boxes.

Transporting liquids requires specialized pallet boxes. These regularly have double walls and insulation, and have reinforcements to provide more strength and capacity to stand up against compression. Pallet boxes for liquids come with surfaces which are resistant to most acid or alkaline substances.

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