Moving on a Budget

A Short Guide of How to Save Money When Moving, Offered by a Reputable Moving & Storage Service Provider

Having to move is unexpected and beyond our control. Employment changes, rental and housing markets, personal reasons, and many other factors can necessitate a move when we least expect it. In many cases, people are simply unprepared for moving (especially financially). So, knowing how to move on a budget can eliminate a lot of stress from this rather complex task. As professional moving & storage service providers, we advise you to take these guidelines into consideration.

The best way to save money on your moving project is to get rid of as many belongings as possible. The less items you move, the less you pay. So, without thinking too much, gather all the things you don’t need nor love and get rid of them. We suggest you open a garage sale. If you do this on time, you may pocket some cash that will be very useful for your move.

Creative Packing
Creative packing means finding free packing materials, and packing your belongings in a way that you reduce the number of boxes to as few as possible. You can find free boxes at your local grocery store. I’m sure they will help you out. You can also use newspaper for wrapping. Just bare in mind that newspaper may leave ink marks on your belongings.

Ask for Help
You can always ask your friends or family members for help. Provide some snacks and beverages, and you will be amazed how fast your home can be packed with the help of a few friends.

Consider Hiring Professionals
Hiring a professional moving & storage service provider is perhaps the best way to save on your moving project. These people are fast, reliable, unlikely to damage your stuff, and most likely willing to work within your budget.

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