How to Protect Your Appliances When You Move

The Many Benefits of Hiring a Professional Moving and Storage Service Provider to Help You with All Your Moving Tasks

It’s quite normal to want to use your appliances the moment you install them in your new home. However, using appliances immediately after they have been moved is not a good idea. As professional moving & storage service providers, we always advise our clients to wait at least 24 hours before they can turn on their appliances. Here are some types of devices which you should definitely wait a while before you can use them safely

Dryers and washers
Your washer may have residual water in its internal hoses. If you don’t allow the water to drain or evaporate, you risk to damage the machine. The same goes for your dryer. However, there are a few things you can do to ensure your devices will not suffer any damage after you move them. First of all, you must disconnect them from the plumbing system long before your movers arrive. This way, the water trapped inside will have enough time to drain or evaporate.

Refrigerators and ice-makers
It is of the utmost importance to defrost these devices long before your moving & storage service providers arrive. Failing to do so may cause water damage inside the moving truck or serious damage to the device itself.

You must allow your speakers, computers, TVs, and all other electric devices to sit after you move. The difference of temperature between indoors and outdoors may cause condensation inside your electrical devices. This means that electrical components get covered with water. As you well know, water and electricity don’t belong together. So, wipe your electrical devices clean and wait until water evaporates.

Sometimes, due to all sorts of delays, you may be forced to keep your appliances in a storage facility for a while. You must make sure that the container you choose is ventilated. Arlington Twins Moving Co offers a comprehensive and affordable moving & storage service. If you want to make sure that all your appliances will be transported safely and efficiently, then call us at (703) 997-9466. Our company is based in Arlington VA.